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He's perfect. He does everything and anything she wishes just to be in her presence (because he knows he will never be good enough to fuck her) even if that means entertaining her random sexual conquests. Dylan is made to orally prepare her pussy to get fucked by Christian. How embarrassing for Dylan! Bobbi even locks Dylan up in a strategically situated body cage where he's made to watch Christian fuck Bobbi in the ass.

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Carlie is fucked with a strap-on. They switch and Carlie has the strap on! Her chest is tied down which keeps Carlie bent and immobile for Brenda's whip. She reaches her peak and squirts all over the Sybian and gets on for a dual pleasure fuck. After realizing she is getting nowhere, Carlie decides the only thing that Brenda can move is her head, and as we turn on the buzzing.

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Morgan's shoot gets interesting as Ogre decides to suspend Alisha and leave her completely naked. Morgan, she ties Alisha up to the bondage chair. Morgan is hot and tough.

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We gag her and Jenna struggles to understand exactly what we did. There's no escaping the pleasure and no end to her torment! He pulls orgasms from her perfectly wet pussy. Then more orgasms and more squirting. He keeps teasing her sensitive clit and Jenna struggles to free herself as we snap away in anticipation of her coming torture.

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Whenever Claire Adams and Sister Dee get together it is the perfect time for some pay back. This time SD owes Claire a ton of punishment. There is very little that is more satisfying than watching Claire suffer. She screams so loudly and, even better, she breaks down into tears.

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